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What You Should Know When Purchasing a New Home!

on December 6, 2012

This week has been nothing short of crazy!  My oldest daughter was married this past Saturday and I’ve yet to find time to recuperate! In the midst of the craziness, I managed to sell a house in under a week being on the market.  This is a big deal to me!!  A big deal not only because the housing market still tends to teeter back and forth between good and bad, but because the house was sold to an adorable couple purchasing their first home together.

Currently the house is going through all the inspections and I’m anxiously waiting for the results.  I’m confident that this house doesn’t withhold much (if any) issues but there’s always the small pit in your stomach until it’s over.  To keep myself busy, I found an article online that happens to be a perfect article for first time home buyers. The article, 10 Things Buyers Should Know What Purchasing a New Home says it all.  If you’re contemplating purchasing a home, this article helps guide you through the process. There’s no denying that the home buying process can cause a little anxiety, let this article ease your nerves a bit.

Read 10 Things Buyers Should Know When Purchasing a New Home Here!

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