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Real Estate on Social Media

on November 16, 2012

Social media…friend or foe? I’m sure if you’re reading this blog you know the importance of social media for businesses today.  I didn’t think that social media was necessary for my real estate business until my daughter took over the social and digital media division at my husband’s advertising agency, Patterson Riegel.  My daughter stressed to me the benefits of using social media to help promote the properties I have for sale and the potential business I could bring in through this process.

A few weeks ago, my daughter showed me an article she found on the website,  The article, 5 Social Media Management Tips for the Real Estate Industry, really helped to ensure me that social media for my business was the way to go.  Thankfully, the use of this form of media means that I can stop worrying about posting my face on a bus hut!

Check out the article here: 5 Social Media Management Tips for the Real Estate Industry

Basically, the article has five tips for real estate agents taking the social media plunge including being consistent, having a strategy, staying local, using several social media outlets, and measuring your success. ..See, I told you this article would be helpful!  I suppose that you don’t even have to be in real estate to appreciate this article, it works for several different occupations.

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