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Your Dream Home- Fort Wayne Indiana

Like a bad dating website, nobody likes to admire a photo only to be disappointed by the real deal in the long run.  The same goes for house searching.  Anne Henry, realtor for RE Max Results in Fort Wayne, Indiana can understand the feeling of disappointment when the viewing a home in person fails to measure up to its photo.

Do you think this form of ‘advertisement’ is flat out lying? I suppose in a way it very well could be.  Imagine searching for homes in a different state via the web…it would make for one wasteful trip if the home isn’t what it appeared to be.

If you’re curious about the truthfulness of the photos you’ve been eyeing of your ‘dream’ home, or you yourself are wanting to take a few photos of your home before placing it on the market, check out this article from (If you’re curious, I do happen to post several articles from…Their Real Estate section is awesome! I find the articles very informative and very relatable to those searching for or selling their homes.)

Does the picture tell the whole story?

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Appliances Fort Wayne, Indiana

If you’re contemplating a move in the somewhat near future, it’s important to know that when selling your home the appliances can be a possible deal breaker when it comes to making a sale.  Anne Henry, real estate agent for RE Max Results definitely knows what house hunters are on the prowl for.

Now what happens when a move is in the works and there’s an incredibly unlucky mishap with an expensive appliance?  (Let’s face it, nobody wants to purchase a new appliance when they’re anticipating buying new once they’re moved into a new place. *We Know!*) But when you’re forced to make a decision, do you spend money on the newest high-end appliance or do you pay to have the original repaired? recently posted a video in the Real Estate section to help home owners decide which appliances to splurge on and which ones are worth saving.

Watch the video here: Howdini Green Living: How to Decide Whether to Repair or Replace Appliances

Bottom line is, if the repairs are more than half the value of the appliance it’s time to purchase a new model.  This may be fairly frustrating, but try to remember the benefits of new appliances.  Several models are expensive to buy but end up saving you on energy in the long run.  Anne also tries to explain to clients that new appliances, although expensive can end up raising the value of your home.  Stainless steel appliances are a major bonus! You can end up making your money back (and then some!) in no time!

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