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Putting a Bid on a House

on June 12, 2012

Tis the season to buy houses! Like the weather, the housing market is HOT! Anne Henry, proud agent behind Anne Sells Real Estate with RE Max Results in Fort Wayne, Indiana can concur.  An increase in the housing market can mean good things for both buyers and sellers. Anne knows that all parties want to come out on top when it comes to sale negotiations. A smooth end result may not be so easy for some fairly inexperienced first time home buyers. recently posted an article in their real estate section for first time home buyers regarding making smart choices before placing a bid on a new home.  Read up and see if you’re ready to place that bid!

What you should know before bidding on that house?

This article can help put you at ease and prepare you for making the smartest decisions when it comes to purchasing your dream home…or at least a home that’s going to be a mere stepping stone to your eventual dream house. If you’re considering buying or selling your ‘stepping stone’ or dream home, contact Anne Henry at (260-413-8700) and find her on Facebook.


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