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First Time Home Buyers

Very few things are more exciting than purchasing your first home. Experienced realtor, Anne Henry from RE Max Results in Fort Wayne, Indiana can relate to that blissful day over (cough) 25 years ago (cough) when she and her husband bought their first home.  But for first time home buyers, this new adventure can be a scary and down right intimidating! Where do you even begin to start searching for a home? Or better yet, can you even afford one? posted an article on what to expect as a potential first time home buyer. So before you start to venture out looking for a new pad, read through these few items to help build up your home buying confidence.

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Closing on Your Home

Does the stress of home buying have you down? Don’t fret, buying a home should be an exciting new chapter in your life, not a depressing one.  Anne Henry, otherwise known as ‘Anne Sells Real Estate‘ for RE Max Results out of Fort Wayne, Indiana is here to make your home buying and selling nothing short of a success.

A topic that seems to be popular with those getting familiarized with the housing market is proper ‘closing’ etiquette. Recently, posted an article in the real estate section entitled, 6 tips for a painless closing, with the sub header reading, “closing on a house can be joyful or horrific.  Follow this advice for a smooth settlement.” Sign me up, or sign on the dotted line rather.

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